St. John ~ Day 2

Today because there would be 6 cruise ships docked at the port we decided it would be the best day to take the car ferry to St. John and visit a beach there! Little Princess was over the moon because we were headed to a beach, Little Man because it involved a boat ride!

(The dock at St. John….I LOVE this picture!!!)

They were up and ready long before we could leave haha! They played with as much patience as two 5 year olds (and one 6 year old and one 3 year old ) could muster! When we left they asked every two seconds if we were there yet. If it had not got so annoying so fast it would have been cute :) When we got to the ferry they were so exited to stand at the top and watch the cars load as well as see where the boat went.

(all 4 kids on the boat ride to St. John…)

(the cutest thing we saw all day….I love these girls!!!)

As soon as we landed in St. John, the questions started up again! Especially since we drove through the parking lot at Trunk Bay and then went on to Cinnamon Bay!! The views from the amazingly narrow roads (which PS they drive on the wrong side of the road here) was to die for seriously to die for, and the open air taxis were so funny! The locals I saw called them safari trucks, and that is what they look like.

(Cinnamon Bay)

The beach, OMG, white as white sand, blue as blue water and the view breath taking! I was not the only one who thought so, Little Princess who had sworn off the ocean saw that water and the sand and that was it she was IN LOVE and I do mean in LOVE. Her husband will have his work cut out for him as she will always love the ocean and the beach and he better be prepared to take her to as many as possible! She took one step in the ocean and all of her talk of sand castles for weeks went totally out the window, she only left that ocean when we pulled her out of it, seriously. Her exact words were “I don’t want to leave the ocean Mama.” I had to promise her we would go to the beach again tomorrow to get her out of the water.

(totally and completely unprompted)

Little Man was a different story, he was not a fan of the ocean at all. He had to be dragged into the ocean for the first time and then approached it again at his own pace. Once he and the ocean were ok with each other then he was all for it but it took them a bit! He eventually found the same love affair his sister did but it took him so much longer.

I loved watching them and their cousins LOVE the water and their time with each other! We then did a bit of shopping oh St. John and came back to St. Thomas where we had dinner and then all of the kids (and a few of the adults) headed to bed!

(lord only knows what she was explaining to her uncle here)

I have to say it has been fun watching my husband and his brother hang out like brothers! I swear I have never seen them act like this before and I love it :)

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