I think maybe a small catch up post is necessary!

I didn’t realize it had been almost a year since my last posts. I am currently on a two hour car ride so I have some time to type things out on the iPad :)

I am just going to start with September this year! Little Man and Little Princess were back to preschool and so excited to go back to the same teacher and some of the same classmates. Little Princess was a little nervous as we found she has an astigmatism and so glasses were in order over the summer. Little Man was just ready to see all his friends again! All went well and both were doing so well at the start of school, we were so happy to see both enjoying school!

Little Princess is back to gymnastics and in t he big gym, she loves it for that reason! Little Man tried tae kwon do but he could not handle it very well and it was suggested we try again in January when he and Aaron can take the class at the same time, so he will be back in January!

In September, the whole family started Korean school, to say that they love Korean school is a massive understatement. They love school and look forward to it when they are at home, but they ask constantly about Korean school and when they get to go! Aaron and I love it as well but Korean is not an easy language to learn, so thank God we have a very patient teacher! Little Princess has always been obsessed with all things Korean and so we hope this co nines to foster that love in her! We need to get her on Skype with unni so they can talk in Korean and I can impress unni with my counting skills haha! Little Man is obsessed with learning his hangul letters and writing his Korean name in hangul!

I think that about catches us up or basically gets us there haha!


This picture is an iPhone picture from when they went to vote with me and got to vote as well (they had special kids ballots obviously their votes were not counted)! I wanted to Remeber this as 4 years ago they were t heir when I voted as well!

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