I Remember When



It has been awhile. I know. But today I started thinking about writing again, today I looked at my two miracles and realized that this last year has been so big for us and I have so many I remember whens going through my head. Like:

I remember when I was up all night because Little Man insisted on sleeping right next to me or screaming, now while he loves to cuddle he will not fall asleep next to me any more (and he is no longer a momma’s boy either, it is all about Daddy).

I remember when the two of you would talk in your own little language and just laugh and giggle all day while no one could understand a word the two of you said! Now finally Daddy and I get to hear the amazing stories you have in your heads and the little inside jokes you have with each other! You may not always see us smiling but we love being observers to your world!

I remember not only Little Princess’ first year of gymnastics but the last year of dance and how every class I would ask did she do anything and every time I was told nope maybe next time. We prayed you would dance for your recital and for the first time ever you did and I cried, big happy tears. Today you went back to the gymnastics class you have been begging for and did most everything for your teacher, you even talked to her loud enough even i could hear your answers, something you are still working on with your preschool teacher.

I remember so much about your time with us. So many people have told me just wait you will want to go back. I am not sure I do, while I loved that time with each of you, I am loving more watching what you are becoming, the little man and little woman you will be someday.

I am trying to savor what each day brings instead of hope to go back or wish to move forward. I hope one day when we talk about what I remember I remember all the fun and laughter and never say I wish we could go back! And thank you both for the adventure we continue to be on! I love you more than life!

20120605-005804.jpg (now)

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