All grown up


If you are friends with me on Facebook you likely already know about this, but today my baby made her first decision about her hair, she asked to get it cut short some time ago and well this mom in love with braids and pigtails said in no uncertain terms NO. I thought about it though, I let her decide what she does with it every day and every day she requests to wear it down, I had to beg to get her to wear it up. So I started thinking, it is just hair it can grow back. So this morning she and I talked about it and decision was made to cut it. I may cut Aaron’s hair and Little Man’s hair but do not touch mine or Little Princess’s save the occasional bang trim, which I am going to leave up to the professionals as well from now on!

I cried as long strands of hair fell to the floor but smiled in joy as she had her first blow dry and realized this might be good for her hair when I saw how think it was now! When we got home I took some pictures because well she asked and I rarely tell her no. And tried out her bows just in her hair and with head bands! She LOVES her new do, I on the other hand am still getting used to it. And the best line came from Little Man the first time he saw her after her hair cut “Where did sissy go?”

What do you think of my big girl?



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2 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. I can just hear Samuel and almost picture the look on his face.

    I love it; so looks more Korean, I think.

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