St. John ~ Day 2

Today because there would be 6 cruise ships docked at the port we decided it would be the best day to take the car ferry to St. John and visit a beach there! Little Princess was over the moon because we were headed to a beach, Little Man because it involved a boat ride!

(The dock at St. John….I LOVE this picture!!!)

They were up and ready long before we could leave haha! They played with as much patience as two 5 year olds (and one 6 year old and one 3 year old ) could muster! When we left they asked every two seconds if we were there yet. If it had not got so annoying so fast it would have been cute :) When we got to the ferry they were so exited to stand at the top and watch the cars load as well as see where the boat went.

(all 4 kids on the boat ride to St. John…)

(the cutest thing we saw all day….I love these girls!!!)

As soon as we landed in St. John, the questions started up again! Especially since we drove through the parking lot at Trunk Bay and then went on to Cinnamon Bay!! The views from the amazingly narrow roads (which PS they drive on the wrong side of the road here) was to die for seriously to die for, and the open air taxis were so funny! The locals I saw called them safari trucks, and that is what they look like.

(Cinnamon Bay)

The beach, OMG, white as white sand, blue as blue water and the view breath taking! I was not the only one who thought so, Little Princess who had sworn off the ocean saw that water and the sand and that was it she was IN LOVE and I do mean in LOVE. Her husband will have his work cut out for him as she will always love the ocean and the beach and he better be prepared to take her to as many as possible! She took one step in the ocean and all of her talk of sand castles for weeks went totally out the window, she only left that ocean when we pulled her out of it, seriously. Her exact words were “I don’t want to leave the ocean Mama.” I had to promise her we would go to the beach again tomorrow to get her out of the water.

(totally and completely unprompted)

Little Man was a different story, he was not a fan of the ocean at all. He had to be dragged into the ocean for the first time and then approached it again at his own pace. Once he and the ocean were ok with each other then he was all for it but it took them a bit! He eventually found the same love affair his sister did but it took him so much longer.

I loved watching them and their cousins LOVE the water and their time with each other! We then did a bit of shopping oh St. John and came back to St. Thomas where we had dinner and then all of the kids (and a few of the adults) headed to bed!

(lord only knows what she was explaining to her uncle here)

I have to say it has been fun watching my husband and his brother hang out like brothers! I swear I have never seen them act like this before and I love it :)

A Traveling We Will Go


( I wrote most of the posts while I had no internet or while waiting to do other things….I will post one a day until I post every day of vacation hehe!!!) I thought maybe I should blog this vacation! This might be just what I need to get back into blogging!

Seriously the last flight with Little Man and Little Princess gave me PTSD about flying with them ever again. When we agreed to go on this vacation with my husband’s brother, his wife and their kids, I knew there was no way to get to St. Thomas without a flight or two. So, I started talking to the kids every night about flying and what it was like to be on an airplane. The last thing I needed was a screaming little girl and a little boy who refused to sleep! We also didn’t need any food on the floor.

We made sure that both kids had their DSs and many games, new things to do and coloring materials. I loaded the laptop with movies and TV shows. We kept them up late and then got them up early (our flight was at 5:30 am. I tried to warn them about lines at the airport but every line until boarding we were bumped to the front because of them, so the worst part for them until boarding was keeping track of their carry on. They didn’t even have to remove their shoes for security! And Little Princess she even talked loud enough that the TSA agent could hear her when she was asked how old she was!!!! (PS I brought wayyyyyyyyyyy more paperwork than we needed, I had their certified birth certificates showing us as their parents, the adoption decree and their valid South Korean passports…the TSA agent looked at none, and I made sure that she did not need them. )

We ate McDonalds while we waited to board and then boarded! They were so excited that even during the no electronics portion of the flight they were very well behaved! As I type they have on their head phones and are playing their DSs ~ Angry Birds and Princess Dress Up or something like that.

While I we are not to St. Thomas yet I am amazed, this flight may actually mean we will get away more with them as I am going to have a good flight to remember! Maybe they will get to see Disney one day haha! Oh and their excitement over take off made it so that I forgot how nervous I get at take off so it was easy peasy for me as well!

(after arrival in St. Thomas)

Well we all slept through the second flight so when we woke up we could see the ocean out our windows! Once we touched down we saw this amazing island! Aaron’s brother and his family met us at the airport and we were able to get our luggage! Little Man asked when we would see Thomas, I said who and he said Thomas. I about died laughing as he had never said anything but he thought we were going somewhere to meet someone named Thomas. We had a short discussion about how the island was named St. Thomas and how that could be confusing haha!

They loved seeing their cousins, and the AMAZING view from the resort room! Little Princess would not let the beach thing go though, so we made some choices about the coming days!!! I am so excited!!!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures because there are so many more coming! (The last two were taken on our balcony…yes 7 days of this view and I may not leave haha!!!!)


I think maybe a small catch up post is necessary!

I didn’t realize it had been almost a year since my last posts. I am currently on a two hour car ride so I have some time to type things out on the iPad :)

I am just going to start with September this year! Little Man and Little Princess were back to preschool and so excited to go back to the same teacher and some of the same classmates. Little Princess was a little nervous as we found she has an astigmatism and so glasses were in order over the summer. Little Man was just ready to see all his friends again! All went well and both were doing so well at the start of school, we were so happy to see both enjoying school!

Little Princess is back to gymnastics and in t he big gym, she loves it for that reason! Little Man tried tae kwon do but he could not handle it very well and it was suggested we try again in January when he and Aaron can take the class at the same time, so he will be back in January!

In September, the whole family started Korean school, to say that they love Korean school is a massive understatement. They love school and look forward to it when they are at home, but they ask constantly about Korean school and when they get to go! Aaron and I love it as well but Korean is not an easy language to learn, so thank God we have a very patient teacher! Little Princess has always been obsessed with all things Korean and so we hope this co nines to foster that love in her! We need to get her on Skype with unni so they can talk in Korean and I can impress unni with my counting skills haha! Little Man is obsessed with learning his hangul letters and writing his Korean name in hangul!

I think that about catches us up or basically gets us there haha!


This picture is an iPhone picture from when they went to vote with me and got to vote as well (they had special kids ballots obviously their votes were not counted)! I wanted to Remeber this as 4 years ago they were t heir when I voted as well!

Hello again!!

Hello! Sorry it has been so long, my blog was taken over by hackers and it took a few months to get it all straightened out. It is all good now!

I would love to start blogging again but I think that part of what is stopping me is not knowing who is reading what I share about Little Man and Little Princess’ lives. Like many bloggers I know I am going to go to password protected posts so I know who is reading.

I am happy to give the password out if you leave a comment here and I know you :) If I do not know you please leave a little bit about why you would like to follow our story! If you are not one for passwords, I will try to share a post or two a month of just photos and a small but about their lives!

Now for why you are really here:


I Remember When



It has been awhile. I know. But today I started thinking about writing again, today I looked at my two miracles and realized that this last year has been so big for us and I have so many I remember whens going through my head. Like:

I remember when I was up all night because Little Man insisted on sleeping right next to me or screaming, now while he loves to cuddle he will not fall asleep next to me any more (and he is no longer a momma’s boy either, it is all about Daddy).

I remember when the two of you would talk in your own little language and just laugh and giggle all day while no one could understand a word the two of you said! Now finally Daddy and I get to hear the amazing stories you have in your heads and the little inside jokes you have with each other! You may not always see us smiling but we love being observers to your world!

I remember not only Little Princess’ first year of gymnastics but the last year of dance and how every class I would ask did she do anything and every time I was told nope maybe next time. We prayed you would dance for your recital and for the first time ever you did and I cried, big happy tears. Today you went back to the gymnastics class you have been begging for and did most everything for your teacher, you even talked to her loud enough even i could hear your answers, something you are still working on with your preschool teacher.

I remember so much about your time with us. So many people have told me just wait you will want to go back. I am not sure I do, while I loved that time with each of you, I am loving more watching what you are becoming, the little man and little woman you will be someday.

I am trying to savor what each day brings instead of hope to go back or wish to move forward. I hope one day when we talk about what I remember I remember all the fun and laughter and never say I wish we could go back! And thank you both for the adventure we continue to be on! I love you more than life!

20120605-005804.jpg (now)

All grown up


If you are friends with me on Facebook you likely already know about this, but today my baby made her first decision about her hair, she asked to get it cut short some time ago and well this mom in love with braids and pigtails said in no uncertain terms NO. I thought about it though, I let her decide what she does with it every day and every day she requests to wear it down, I had to beg to get her to wear it up. So I started thinking, it is just hair it can grow back. So this morning she and I talked about it and decision was made to cut it. I may cut Aaron’s hair and Little Man’s hair but do not touch mine or Little Princess’s save the occasional bang trim, which I am going to leave up to the professionals as well from now on!

I cried as long strands of hair fell to the floor but smiled in joy as she had her first blow dry and realized this might be good for her hair when I saw how think it was now! When we got home I took some pictures because well she asked and I rarely tell her no. And tried out her bows just in her hair and with head bands! She LOVES her new do, I on the other hand am still getting used to it. And the best line came from Little Man the first time he saw her after her hair cut “Where did sissy go?”

What do you think of my big girl?



The Faith of a Child


If you recall from my last post we moved in December and I am not ashamed to say I still have more boxes in the garage than I thought I would at this point BUT it is fun finding things I forgot I had!

I may or may not have mentioned a small book hoarding issue Aaron and I have and have been working on. One way we have been trying to work on it is he has a nook and I have my iPad and iPhone with nook and kindle apps. And it has helped, I even started getting my magazines on my nook app and LOVE it, I get to keep them all AND not have to figure out where I will store them :) Anyway the only way we will buy an actual book now is if it is not digital yet, which is most of my history books though that is getting better OR it is a cook book, yes I still have that collection and yes it is growing! The only other way we get books is from friend or family, they will hand them to one of us and say you would like this and well we will read it most of the time, if we remember where we put it.

Anyway my MIL gave me a book and said read this when you get a chance but for once I want it back when you are done because I want to pass it on. This is not typically how my MIL gives me books, just so you don’t think she is some sort of Indian giver, but this book was special, to her at least. So I tucked the book into a bag I had brought along to her house and promptly forgot about it. For months I carried it around with my crocheting unknowingly. When I unpacked the crocheting bag in my new office/craft room/sewing room, I found the still untouched book and put it on my nightstand where it sat for still another month.

Two nights ago I could not sleep (I know anyone who knows me is not shocked) and I picked the book up and promptly stayed up until 3 am reading it. All of it. And then stayed up another hour thinking about that book and how so much of it was staying with me on so many levels. The title of the book is Heaven is for Real and it is by a pastor named Todd Burpo. The book is about the almost death of his then 3 year old son and how his son visited Heaven for “3 minutes” in the words of Colton Burpo.

Anyway, Colton’s experience was one that held me in awe. mostly because the way he says Jesus looks is EXACTLY how I have always pictured Jesus. The fact that if this book is tire and you should know I think it is, then God/Jesus answers our prayers even when we are angry and yelling them at him, as evidenced by the fact that Colton is still alive.

But the part of this book that still has me in its grip is the fact that Colton had the faith of a child, and it showed. He just believed things and watched them happen. Anyway all I could think about was my unwavering faith that our first adoption would be of twins, not just any twins boy/girl twins and the boy would be older. I had faith when I was almost laughed out of the first meeting with a social worker; our country of choice closed and the country we switched to had almost no twins leaving the country, especially boy/girl twins; and the fact if it was gong to happen the twins had to be born already by the time we switched countries. I knew some how some way that is what was meant to be, I never wavered, even though the social worker thought I did. I was in my 30s, not a child anymore. And there were times I screamed at God, yelled at Him during that process for numerous reasons, but I didn’t waver.

I didn’t walk away from this book with some sort of better understanding of heaven though some of what he said makes me want to go myself to talk to my grandma just one more time. I walked away from this book questioning my faith on some level. My faith, the same faith that brought me the two most precious gifts EVER, the faith that made Aaron and I God’s Plan B for them (His Plan A was their birth family), has not been that solid since the day we took custody. Matter of fact it has gone so far down hill that I am searching for fragments of that faith now to cling to as we move forward, make different plans, and ask God for more blessings.

I am making my final and most lasting goal for this year to have the faith of a child. If I see none of my other goals through this one I want to see through. My verse for this year is Matthew 18:4 “Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving, humble is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” My goal is to come back to all that in my walk with God, it may take time but I am sure I will get there again. And if you would like to read this book, it is a very easy quick read, let me know I will get you a copy if you cannot get your own. I will be giving my MIL her copy back to pass on :)

The picture at the top of the page was taken by me, but is of the child of a good friend. It worked so perfectly for this post I asked for and received permission to post here :) I love the image of a child praying!

Do you have a verse for your life this year if so please share in the comments??